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Motherhood after the Age of 35 in Poland


Rybinska, Anna (2014). Motherhood after the Age of 35 in Poland. Demographic Studies (Studia Demograficzne), 1(165), 7-28. PMCID: PMC4311263


The aim of this article is to study the phenomenon of late motherhood in Poland. For this purpose, late motherhood is defined – following the approach used in previous studies of this subject (e.g. Carolan 2007, Cooke et al. 2010, Windridge and Berryman 1999) – as experiencing the first child birth after reaching the age of 35 years old. It is an exploratory study which describes life trajectories of women who postponed motherhood until late ages and verifies whether their life paths are different from those of mothers who gave birth earlier in their lives. To achieve this aim, I compare life paths of older mothers, i.e. women who gave first birth after turning 35 years old with the lives of younger mothers - i.e. women who gave first birth before turning 30 years old . As previous research proved that partnership, employment and educational histories interact strongly with the fertility career, I also focused on women's life developments in these three spheres.

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Journal Article

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Demographic Studies (Studia Demograficzne)


Rybinska, Anna