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Kaufman, Gayle; Poston, Dudley L., Jr.; Hirschl, Thomas A.; & Stycos, J. Mayone (1996). Teenage Sexual Attitudes in China. Social Biology, 43(3-4), 141-154.


Not much is known about the sexual attitudes of Chinese teenagers. In this article we endeavor to address this void by examining the sexual attitudes of Chinese teenagers with survey data collected in Sichuan Province in 1988. Our analysis has two goals: first, to describe aggregate attitudes toward premarital sexual practices; and second, to identify the principal factors that influence these attitudes. To accomplish the second goal we estimate several regression equations with predictor variables known to influence teen sexual attitudes. Our analysis reveals major differences and similarities between China and the United States and indicates that China's teenagers are somewhat strongly opposed to teen sexual contact, but seem to be more understanding of others who so engage, despite strict laws and public morality forbidding it.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Social Biology


Kaufman, Gayle
Poston, Dudley L., Jr.
Hirschl, Thomas A.
Stycos, J. Mayone