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Review of Matthew C. Gutmann,


Viadro, Claire Isabel (1997). Review of Matthew C. Gutmann,. American Journal of Sociology, 102(5), 1482-1483.


With his ethnography of “what it means to be a man” in Mexico City, Matthew Gutmann embarks on a social science crusade “to imagine and invent new ways of describing, interpreting, and explaining cultural emergence and variation” (p. 13). Acknowledging his debt to feminist anthropology and gender studies, Gutmann ventures into the still largely uncharted territory of male gender identities. Although Gutmann’s primary goal is to challenge “exaggerated” depictions of Mexican men as macho progenitors, the book also furnishes fascinating evidence of the ways in which stereotypes propagated by social scientists (e.g., machismo) trickle down and influence ordinary citizens, becoming part of their symbolic capital


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Journal Article

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American Journal of Sociology


Viadro, Claire Isabel