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Review of Hans-Peter Blossfeld,


Guo, Guang (1997). Review of Hans-Peter Blossfeld,. Social Forces, 76(1), 354-355.


Since Nancy Tuma and Michael Hannah's work in the late 1970s and early 1980s, event history analysis has been widely accepted and used among social scientists. The first author of this monograph, Hans-Peter Blossfeld, published a book on event history analysis in 1988 (Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Alfred Hamerle, and Karl Ulrich
Mayer, Event History Analysis, 1981). This monograph is largely a supplement to the previous book The monograph devotes considerable amount of space to demonstrating Transition Data Analysis (TDA), a computer program written by the second author and attached to each monograph (on a floppy disk).


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Journal Article

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Social Forces


Guo, Guang