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Cooney, Teresa M. & Uhlenberg, Peter (1992). Support from Parents over the Life Course: The Adult Child's Perspective. Social Forces, 71(1), 63-84.


While previous research has established that parents in the contemporary U.S. often provide support to their adult children, little is known about how that support changes as both parents and children age over the life course. Using data from the National Survey of Families and Households, we examine how support received from parents changes as the child moves from young adulthood through middle age. Attention is given to several different dimensions of support and to life-course factors of the parent and the child that are related to receipt of support. In general, there is no change or a slight increase in support received from parents when children are in their 20s. Decline in all forms of support occurs after age 30. However, the pattern of decline varies by type of support, and in no case is the decline linear. We conclude by discussing the family roles played by parents in later life.


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Journal Article

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Social Forces


Cooney, Teresa M.
Uhlenberg, Peter