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Heindel, Jerrold J.; vom Saal, Frederick S.; Blumberg, Bruce; Bovolin, Patrizia; Calamandrei, Gemma; Ceresini, Graziano; Cohn, Barbara A.; Fabbri, Elena; Gioiosa, Laura; & Kassotis, Christopher, et al. (2015). Parma Consensus Statement on Metabolic Disruptors. Environmental Health, 14, 54. PMCID: PMC4473834


A multidisciplinary group of experts gathered in Parma Italy for a workshop hosted by the University of Parma, May 16–18, 2014 to address concerns about the potential relationship between environmental metabolic disrupting chemicals, obesity and related metabolic disorders. The objectives of the workshop were to: 1. Review findings related to the role of environmental chemicals, referred to as “metabolic disruptors”, in obesity and metabolic syndrome with special attention to recent discoveries from animal model and epidemiology studies; 2. Identify conclusions that could be drawn with confidence from existing animal and human data; 3. Develop predictions based on current data; and 4. Identify critical knowledge gaps and areas of uncertainty. The consensus statements are intended to aid in expanding understanding of the role of metabolic disruptors in the obesity and metabolic disease epidemics, to move the field forward by assessing the current state of the science and to identify research needs on the role of environmental chemical exposures in these diseases. We propose broadening the definition of obesogens to that of metabolic disruptors, to encompass chemicals that play a role in altered susceptibility to obesity, diabetes and related metabolic disorders including metabolic syndrome.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Environmental Health

Series Title

JJ Heindel et al. Environ Health 16 (1), 130. 2017. PMID 29212512.


Heindel, Jerrold J.
vom Saal, Frederick S.
Blumberg, Bruce
Bovolin, Patrizia
Calamandrei, Gemma
Ceresini, Graziano
Cohn, Barbara A.
Fabbri, Elena
Gioiosa, Laura
Kassotis, Christopher
Legler, Juliette
La Merrill, Michele
Rizzi, Laura
Machtinger, Ronit
Mantovani, Alberto
Mendez, Michelle A.
Montanini, Luisa
Molteni, Laura
Nagel, Susan C.
Parmigiani, Stefano
Panzica, Giancarlo
Paterlini, Silvia
Pomatto, Valentina
Ruzzin, Jérôme
Sartor, Giorgio
Schug, Thaddeus T.
Street, Maria E.
Suvorov, Alexander
Volpi, Riccardo
Zoeller, R. Thomas
Palanza, Paola