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Predicting Preterm Birth among Women Screened by North Carolina’s Pregnancy Medical Home Program


Tucker, Christine M.; Berrien, Kate; Menard, M. Kathryn; Herring, Amy H.; Daniels, Julie L.; Rowley, Diane L.; & Halpern, Carolyn Tucker (2015). Predicting Preterm Birth among Women Screened by North Carolina’s Pregnancy Medical Home Program. Maternal and Child Health Journal, 19(11), 2438-2452. PMCID: PMC4764378


Objective: To determine which combination of risk factors from Community Care of North Carolina’s (CCNC) Pregnancy Medical Home (PMH) risk screening form was most predictive of preterm birth (PTB) by parity and race/ethnicity.
Methods: This retrospective cohort included pregnant Medicaid patients screened by the PMH program before 24 weeks gestation who delivered a live birth in North Carolina between September 2011–September 2012 (N = 15,428). Data came from CCNC’s Case Management Information System, Medicaid claims, and birth certificates. Logistic regression with backward stepwise elimination was used to arrive at the final models. To internally validate the predictive model, we used bootstrapping techniques.
Results: The prevalence of PTB was 11 %. Multifetal gestation, a previous PTB, cervical insufficiency, diabetes, renal disease, and hypertension were the strongest risk factors with odds ratios ranging from 2.34 to 10.78. Non-Hispanic black race, underweight, smoking during pregnancy, asthma, other chronic conditions, nulliparity, and a history of a low birth weight infant or fetal death/second trimester loss were additional predictors in the final predictive model. About half of the risk factors prioritized by the PMH program remained in our final model (ROC = 0.66). The odds of PTB associated with food insecurity and obesity differed by parity. The influence of unsafe or unstable housing and short interpregnancy interval on PTB differed by race/ethnicity.
Conclusions: Evaluation of the PMH risk screen provides insight to ensure women at highest risk are prioritized for care management. Using multiple data sources, salient risk factors for PTB were identified, allowing for better-targeted approaches for PTB prevention.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Maternal and Child Health Journal


Tucker, Christine M.
Berrien, Kate
Menard, M. Kathryn
Herring, Amy H.
Daniels, Julie L.
Rowley, Diane L.
Halpern, Carolyn Tucker