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Akin, John S. & Rous, Jeffrey J. (1997). Effect of Provider Characteristics on Choice of Contraceptive Provider: A Two-Equation Full-Information Maximum-Likelihood Estimation. Demography, 34(4), 513-523.


We use surveys of households and health-care facilities conducted in the same area at the same time to determine which characteristics of providers attract users of contraceptives. By using the full-information maximum-likelihood technique to jointly estimate choice of contraceptive method and choice of provider, we avoid self-selection bias. Results support the need for modeling quality and for jointly estimating the choice of contraceptive method and the choice of provider to avoid biased estimates of coefficients. The results suggest that for the Cebu, Philippines region, small local clinics that focus on family planning tend to be most favored by clients.


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Journal Article

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Akin, John S.
Rous, Jeffrey J.