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Review of C. J. K. Henry and S. J. Ulijaszek,


Adair, Linda S. (1998). Review of C. J. K. Henry and S. J. Ulijaszek,. American Journal of Human Biology, 10(2), 269-270.


Human Biologists continue to seek explanations for patterns of variability in growth, morphology, health, and disease. In the last decade, we have seen the emergence of hypotheses explaining such variation as a function of prenatal and early postnatal environmental exposures. The 1994 meeting of the Society for the Study of Human Biology focuse don how early environmental factors influence individuals and populations across the entire lifespan. The resulting 37th Symposium Volume of the Society, edited by Henry and Ulijaszek, includes 13 reports presented at the Society's 1994 meeting. The reports are united by a common theme: to understand long-term effects, we need an integrated lifespan developmental sequence that makes humans unique.


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Journal Article

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American Journal of Human Biology


Adair, Linda S.