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Dieci anni di contrattazione aziendale in Lombardia: 1986-1995


Checchi, Daniele & Flabbi, Luca (1999). Dieci anni di contrattazione aziendale in Lombardia: 1986-1995. Lavoro e Relazioni Industriali, 2, 3-54.


The present paper examine existing evidence on local bargaiĀ­ning in a strong economic region of Italy (Lombardy)1. The data come from a yearly survey conducted by IRES Lombardia during the decade 1986-95, and constitute a repeated cross-section; pooling all the available observations we consider about 2000 firms. Given the high number of pieces of qualitative information, available information has been summarised using principal components analysis. Extracted components are then used as potential regresors to explain bargaining activity. Bargaining activity exhibits a long cycle, affected by the national q,greement signed in 1993, but the underlying pattern of behaviour (as estimated by probit model with respect to two subperiods) seems unchanged. Our main results is that firm size becomes less significant in explaining bargaining activity when we introduce our measure of relational attitude of bargaining agents.

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Journal Article

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Lavoro e Relazioni Industriali


Checchi, Daniele
Flabbi, Luca