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Evidence of Heterogeneity by Race/Ethnicity in Genetic Determinants of QT Interval


Seyerle, Amanda A.; Young, Alicia M.; Jeff, Janina M.; Melton, Phillip E.; Jorgensen, Neal W.; Lin, Yi; Carty, Cara L.; Deelman, Ewa; Heckbert, Susan R.; & Hindorff, Lucia A., et al. (2014). Evidence of Heterogeneity by Race/Ethnicity in Genetic Determinants of QT Interval. Epidemiology, 25(6), 790-798. PMCID: PMC4380285


BACKGROUND: QT interval (QT) prolongation is an established risk factor for ventricular tachyarrhythmia and sudden cardiac death. Previous genome-wide association studies in populations of the European descent have identified multiple genetic loci that influence QT, but few have examined these loci in ethnically diverse populations.
METHODS: Here, we examine the direction, magnitude, and precision of effect sizes for 21 previously reported SNPs from 12 QT loci, in populations of European (n = 16,398), African (n = 5,437), American Indian (n = 5,032), Hispanic (n = 1,143), and Asian (n = 932) descent as part of the Population Architecture using Genomics and Epidemiology (PAGE) study. Estimates obtained from linear regression models stratified by race/ethnicity were combined using inverse-variance weighted meta-analysis. Heterogeneity was evaluated using Cochran's Q test.
RESULTS: Of 21 SNPs, 7 showed consistent direction of effect across all 5 populations, and an additional 9 had estimated effects that were consistent across 4 populations. Despite consistent direction of effect, 9 of 16 SNPs had evidence (


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Seyerle, Amanda A.
Young, Alicia M.
Jeff, Janina M.
Melton, Phillip E.
Jorgensen, Neal W.
Lin, Yi
Carty, Cara L.
Deelman, Ewa
Heckbert, Susan R.
Hindorff, Lucia A.
Jackson, Rebecca D.
Martin, Lisa W.
Okin, Peter M.
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