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Johnson, James H., Jr.; Farrell, Walter C., Jr.; & Sapp, Marty (1997). African American Males and Capital Murder: A Death Penalty Mitigation Strategy. Urban Geography, 18(5), 403-403.


his paper outlines an alternative, contextual framework for analyzing capital murder cases involving young Black males. To illustrate the utility of the framework, we draw upon the findings of recent social science research, which document the effects of forces operating in both the societal and local environmental contexts, and on information from court case materials that illustrate how the critical life course events of a single African American male defendant, when appropriately anchored in the two broader contexts, offer a unique perspective on the lethal violence problems that currently plague the African American community. The framework is assessed in terms of its ability to “level the criminal justice playing field” for young Black males.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Urban Geography


Johnson, James H., Jr.
Farrell, Walter C., Jr.
Sapp, Marty