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Fine-Mapping and Initial Characterization of QT Interval Loci in African Americans


Avery, Christy L.; Sethupathy, Praveen; Buyske, Steven G.; He, Qianchuan; Lin, Dan-Yu; Arking, Dan E.; Carty, Cara L.; Duggan, David; Fesinmeyer, Megan D.; & Hindorff, Lucia A., et al. (2012). Fine-Mapping and Initial Characterization of QT Interval Loci in African Americans. PLOS Genetics, 8(8), e1002870. PMCID: PMC3415454


The QT interval (QT) is heritable and its prolongation is a risk factor for ventricular tachyarrhythmias and sudden death. Most genetic studies of QT have examined European ancestral populations; however, the increased genetic diversity in African Americans provides opportunities to narrow association signals and identify population-specific variants. We therefore evaluated 6,670 SNPs spanning eleven previously identified QT loci in 8,644 African American participants from two Population Architecture using Genomics and Epidemiology (PAGE) studies: the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities study and Women's Health Initiative Clinical Trial. Of the fifteen known independent QT variants at the eleven previously identified loci, six were significantly associated with QT in African American populations (P


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Journal Article

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PLOS Genetics


Avery, Christy L.
Sethupathy, Praveen
Buyske, Steven G.
He, Qianchuan
Lin, Dan-Yu
Arking, Dan E.
Carty, Cara L.
Duggan, David
Fesinmeyer, Megan D.
Hindorff, Lucia A.
Jeff, Janina M.
Klein, Liviu T.
Patton, Kristen K.
Peters, Ulrike
Shohet, Ralph V.
Sotoodehnia, Nona
Young, Alicia M.
Kooperberg, Charles L.
Haiman, Christopher A.
Mohlke, Karen L.
Whitsel, Eric A.
North, Kari E.