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Bauldry, Shawn; Shanahan, Michael J.; Macmillan, Ross; Miech, Richard A.; Boardman, Jason D.; Dean, Danielle O.; & Cole, Veronica (2016). Parental and Adolescent Health Behaviors and Pathways to Adulthood. Social Science Research, 58, 227-242. PMCID: PMC4873711


This paper examines associations among parental and adolescent health behaviors and pathways to adulthood. Using data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health, we identify a set of latent classes describing pathways into adulthood and examine health-related predictors of these pathways. The identified pathways are consistent with prior research using other sources of data. Results also show that both adolescent and parental health behaviors differentiate pathways. Parental and adolescent smoking are associated with lowered probability of the higher education pathway and higher likelihood of the work and the work & family pathways (entry into the workforce soon after high school completion). Adolescent drinking is positively associated with the work pathway and the higher education pathway, but decreases the likelihood of the work & family pathway. Neither parental nor adolescent obesity are associated with any of the pathways to adulthood. When combined, parental/adolescent smoking and adolescent drinking are associated with displacement from the basic institutions of school, work, and family.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Social Science Research


Bauldry, Shawn
Shanahan, Michael J.
Macmillan, Ross
Miech, Richard A.
Boardman, Jason D.
Dean, Danielle O.
Cole, Veronica