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Worldwide Trends in Obesity


Popkin, Barry M. (1998). Worldwide Trends in Obesity. Nutritional Biochemistry, 9(9), 487-488.


The increased prevalence of obesity during this last half century among higher income countries is acknowledged. Similarly, we face the emergence of obesity as a worldwide phenomena, affecting the rich and middle income countries in similar manners and also affecting countries previously considered to be poor. Most data are presented utilizing a cut-off for adult body mass index of either 25 (grade 1 overweight) or 30 and above (grade II) or using age- and gender-specific cutoffs for children and adolescents. The background environmental factors, in particular the remarkable shifts in both activity and dietary patterns, is reviewed. Patterns and trends in obesity from each region of the world are examined. Many lower and middle income countries have higher prevalence rates of grade 1 and grade 2 obesity than higher income countries.


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Journal Article

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Nutritional Biochemistry


Popkin, Barry M.