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Olson, Gayle; Weiner, Steven J.; Rouse, Dwight J.; Reddy, Uma M.; Mercer, Brian M.; Varner, Michael W.; Leveno, Kenneth J.; Iams, Jay D.; Wapner, Ronald J.; & Ramin, Susan M., et al. (2015). Relation between Birth Weight and Weight and Height at the Age of 2 in Children Born Preterm. American Journal of Perinatology, 32(6), 591-597. PMCID: PMC4485423


OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study was to evaluate associations between fetal growth and weight at 2 years in infants born preterm using a customized approach for birth weight.
STUDY DESIGN: This is a secondary analysis of a multicenter trial that included a 2-year follow-up of children born prematurely. Customized birth weight percentiles were calculated using the Gardosi model for a U.S. population, and the relation between customized percentile and weight and height at 2 years (adjusted for gender using z-score) was determined using regression analysis and by comparing z-scores for children with birth weight <10th versus >/=10th percentile.
RESULTS: Weight z-score at 2 years was significantly lower in the <10th than in the >/=10th percentile group (median [interquartile range, IQR]: -0.66 [-1.58, -0.01] vs. -0.23 [-1.05, 0.55]; p < 0.001), and remained after adjusting for maternal education (p < 0.001). A similar relationship was noted for height z-score between groups (median [IQR]: -0.56 [-1.29, 0.19] vs. -0.24 [-0.99, 0.37]; p < 0.001). Positive relationships between customized birth weight percentile and weight and height at 2 years were noted (p < 0.001 for both), but were not strong (R (2) = 0.04 and 0.02, respectively).
CONCLUSION: Customized birth weight percentile is a minor determinant of weight at 2 years among children born preterm.


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Journal Article

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American Journal of Perinatology


Olson, Gayle
Weiner, Steven J.
Rouse, Dwight J.
Reddy, Uma M.
Mercer, Brian M.
Varner, Michael W.
Leveno, Kenneth J.
Iams, Jay D.
Wapner, Ronald J.
Ramin, Susan M.
Malone, Fergal D.
Carpenter, Marshall W.
O'Sullivan, Mary Jo
Dinsmoor, Mara J.
Hankins, Gary D. V.
Caritis, Steve N., for the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Maternal-Fetal Medicine Units (MFMU) Network [
John M. Thorp, Jr., Member