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Series Preface


Walsh, Stephen J. (2017). Series Preface.. Quiroga, Diego & Sevilla, Ana (Eds.) (pp. xi-ii). Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.


When we developed the Galapagos Book Series and selected the initial book topics to launch the Series, we hoped that guest editors and authors would cooperate to represent important and fascinating elements of the Galapagos Islands early in the Series. While Book #1, “Science and Conservation in the Galapagos Islands: Frameworks & Perspectives,” Stephen J. Walsh & Carlos F. Mena, editors (2013), advocates an interdisciplinary perspective for addressing many of the most compelling challenges facing the Galapagos Islands that extend across the social, terrestrial, and marine subsystems; Book #2, “Evolution from the Galapagos: Two Centuries after Darwin,” Gabriel Trueba & Carlos Montufar, editors (2013), advances our understanding of evolution, a key element of life and adaptation in the Galapagos Islands; Book #3, “The Galapagos Marine Reserve: A Dynamic Social–Ecological System,” Judith Denkinger & Luis Vinueza, editors (2014), addresses the nature of the coupled human–natural system in the Galapagos Islands and describes some of the key factors that affect social and ecological vulnerability, dynamics, and island sustainability, and, now, Book #4, “Darwin, Darwinism and the Galapagos,” Diego Quiroga & Ana Sevilla, editors (2016), examine the meaning and essence of Darwin and Darwinism in the Galapagos and beyond. His ideas shook the world of science and continue to give meaning and explanations of life and the adaptive capacity of species in the Galapagos and around the globe.

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Social and Ecological Interactions in the Galapagos Islands


Walsh, Stephen J.