The searchable list below includes peer-reviewed publications by CPC fellows, predoctoral trainees, postdoctoral scholars, and professional staff during the period of 2004 - present. 

Additional publications by our research projects and their collaborative communities may be found on their respective web sites such as:

Dong, Fei; Howard, Annie Green; Herring, Amy H.; Thompson, Amanda L.; Adair, Linda S.; Popkin, Barry M.; Aiello, Allison E.; Zhang, Bing; & Gordon-Larsen, Penny. (2017). Longitudinal Associations of away-from-Home Eating, Snacking, Screen Time, and Physical Activity Behaviors with Cardiometabolic Risk Factors among Chinese Children and Their Parents. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 106(1), 168-78. PMCID: PMC5486196

Dowd, Jennifer Beam; Bosch, Jos A.; Steptoe, Andrew; Jayabalasingham, Bamini; Lin, Jue; Yolken, Robert H.; & Aiello, Allison E. (2017). Persistent Herpesvirus Infections and Telomere Attrition over 3 Years in the Whitehall II Cohort. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 216(5), 565-72.

Dube, Karine; Evans, David; Sylla, Laurie; Taylor, Jeff; Weiner, Bryan J.; Skinner, Asheley C.; Thirumurthy, Harsha; Tucker, Joseph D.; Rennie, Stuart; & Greene, Sandra B. (2017). Willingness to Participate and Take Risks in HIV Cure Research: Survey Results from 400 People Living with HIV in the US. Journal of Virus Eradication, 3(1), 40-50.e21. PMCID: PMC5337420

Duchelle, Amy E.; de Sassi, Claudio; Jagger, Pamela; Cromberg, Marina; Larson, Anne M.; Sunderlin, William D.; Resosudarmo, Ida Aju Pradnja; & Pratama, Christy Desta. (2017). Balancing Carrots and Sticks in REDD+: Implications for Social Safeguards. Ecology and Society, 22(3), 2.

Dunford, Elizabeth K.; & Popkin, Barry M. (2017). Disparities in Snacking Trends in US Adults over a 35 Year Period from 1977-2012. Nutrients, 9(8), 809. PMCID: PMC5579603

Dunford, Elizabeth K.; Poti, Jennifer M.; & Popkin, Barry M. (2017). Emerging Disparities in Dietary Sodium Intake from Snacking in the US Population. Nutrients, 9(6), 610. PMCID: PMC5490589

Dunford, Elizabeth K.; Poti, Jennifer M.; Xavier, Dagan; Webster, Jacqui L.; & Taillie, Lindsey Smith. (2017). Color-Coded Front-of-Pack Nutrition Labels—An Option for US Packaged Foods? Nutrients, 9(5), 480. PMCID: PMC5452210

Dunford, Elizabeth K.; Wu, Jason H. Y.; Wellard, Lyndall; Watson, Wendy L.; Crino, Michelle; Petersen, Kristina; & Neal, Bruce C. (2017). A Comparison of the Health Star Rating System When Used for Restaurant Fast Foods and Packaged Foods. Appetite, 117, 1-8.

Dunn, Erin C.; Sofer, Tamar; Gallo, Linda C.; Gogarten, Stephanie M.; Kerr, Kathleen F.; Chen, Chia-Yen; Stein, Murray B.; Ursano, Robert J.; Guo, Xiuqing; Jia, Yucheng; Qi, Qibin; Rotter, Jerome I.; Argos, Maria; Cai, Jianwen; Penedo, Frank J.; Perreira, Krista M.; Wassertheil-Smoller, Sylvia; & Smoller, Jordan W. (2017). Genome-Wide Association Study of Generalized Anxiety Symptoms in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos. American Journal of Medical Genetics, Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics, 174(2), 132-43. PMCID: PMC5501086

Emch, Michael E.; Root, Elisabeth Dowling; & Carrel, Margaret A. (2017). Health and Medical Geography. New York: The Guilford Press.

Entwisle, Barbara; Hofferth, Sandra L.; & Moran, Emilio F. (2017). Quilting a Time-Place Mosaic: Concluding Remarks. ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 669(1), 190-8.

Escamilla, Veronica; Alker, Alisa; Dandalo, Leonard; Juliano, Jonathan J.; Miller, William C.; Kamthuza, Portia; Tembo, Tapiwa; Tegha, Gerald; Martinson, Francis E. A.; Emch, Michael E.; & Hoffman, Irving F. (2017). Effects of Community-Level Bed Net Coverage on Malaria Morbidity in Lilongwe, Malawi. Malaria Journal, 16(1), 142. PMCID: PMC5383956

Eudy, Amanda M.; Siega-Riz, Anna Maria; Engel, Stephanie M.; Franceschini, Nora; Howard, Annie Green; Clowse, Megan E.; & Petri, Michelle. (2017). Gestational Weight Gain in Women with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Lupus, 26(6), 623-32. PMCID: PMC5412081

Evenson, Kelly R.; Herring, Amy H.; & Wen, Fang. (2017). Accelerometry-Assessed Latent Class Patterns of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior with Mortality. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 52(2), 135-43. PMCID: PMC5260614

Farquhar, Douglas R.; Divaris, Kimon; Mazul, Angela L.; Weissler, Mark C.; Zevallos, Jose P.; & Olshan, Andrew F. (2017). Poor Oral Health Affects Survival in Head and Neck Cancer. Oral Oncology, 73, 111-7. PMCID: PMC5659716

Feng, Ye; Rhie, Suhn K.; Huo, Dezheng; Ruiz-Narvaez, Edward A.; Haddad, Stephen A.; Ambrosone, Christine B.; John, Esther M.; Bernstein, Leslie; Zheng, Wei; Hu, Jennifer J.; Ziegler, Regina G.; Nyante, Sarah; Bandera, Elisa V.; Ingles, Sue Ann; Press, Michael F.; Deming, Sandra L.; Rodriguez-Gil, Jorge L.; Zheng, Yonglan; Yao, Song; Han, Yoo Jeong; Ogundiran, Temidayo O.; Rebbeck, Timothy R.; Adebamowo, Clement; Ojengbede, Oladosu; Falusi, Adeyinka G.; Hennis, Anselm; Nemesure, Barbara; Ambs, Stefan; Blot, William; Cai, Qiuyin; Signorello, Lisa; Nathanson, Katherine L.; Lunetta, Kathryn L.; Sucheston-Campbell, Lara E.; Bensen, Jeannette T.; Chanock, Stephen J.; Le Marchand, Loic; Olshan, Andrew F.; Kolonel, Laurence N.; Conti, David V.; Coetzee, Gerhard; Stram, Daniel O.; Olopade, Olufunmilayo I.; Palmer, Julie R.; & Haiman, Christopher A. (2017). Characterizing Genetic Susceptibility to Breast Cancer in Women of African Ancestry. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 26(7), 1016-26. PMCID: PMC5500414

Fernández-Rhodes, Lindsay; Gong, Jian; Haessler, Jeffrey; Franceschini, Nora; Graff, Mariaelisa; Nishimura, Katherine K.; Wang, Yujie; Highland, Heather M.; Yoneyama, Sachiko; Bush, William S.; Goodloe, Robert; Ritchie, Marylyn D.; Crawford, Dana; Gross, Myron; Fornage, Myriam; Buzkova, Petra; Tao, Ran; Isasi, Carmen R.; Avilés-Santa, Larissa M.; Daviglus, Martha; Mackey, Rachel H.; Houston, Denise; Gu, C. Charles; Ehret, Georg; Nguyen, Khanh-Dung H.; Lewis, Cora E.; Leppert, Mark; Irvin, Marguerite Ryan; Lim, Unhee; Haiman, Christopher A.; Le Marchand, Loic; Schumacher, Fredrick; Wilkens, Lynne; Lu, Yingchang; Bottinger, Erwin P.; Loos, Ruth J.L.; Sheu, Wayne H-H.; Guo, Xiuqing; Lee, Wen-Jane; Hai, Yang; Hung, Yi-Jen; Absher, Devin; Wu, I-Chien; Taylor, Kent D.; Lee, I-Te; Liu, Yeheng; Wang, Tzung-Dau; Quertermous, Thomas; Juang, Jyh-Ming J.; Rotter, Jerome I.; Assimes, Themistocles L.; Hsiung, Chao A.; Chen, Yii-Der Ida; Prentice, Ross; Kuller, Lewis H.; Manson, JoAnn E.; Kooperberg, Charles L.; Smokowski, Paul; Robinson, Whitney R.; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; Li, Rongling; Hindorff, Lucia; Buyske, Steven; Matise, Tara C.; Peters, Ulrike; & North, Kari E. (2017). Trans-Ethnic Fine-Mapping of Genetic Loci for Body Mass Index in the Diverse Ancestral Populations of the Population Architecture Using Genomics and Epidemiology (PAGE) Study Reveals Evidence for Multiple Signals at Established Loci. Human Genetics, 136(6), 771-800. PMCID: PMC5485655

Fernández-Rhodes, Lindsay; Robinson, Whitney R.; Sotres-Alvarez, Daniela T.; Franceschini, Nora; Castañeda, Sheila F.; Buelna, Christina; Moncrieft, Ashley; Llabre, Maria; Daviglus, Martha L.; Qi, Qibin; Agarwal, Anita; Isasi, Carmen R.; Smokowski, Paul; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; & North, Kari E. (2017). Accuracy of Self-Reported Weight in Hispanic/Latino Adults of the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos. Epidemiology, 28(6), 847-53. PMCID: PMC5617765

Fitzpatrick, Anne; & Tumlinson, Katherine. (2017). Strategies for Optimal Implementation of Simulated Clients for Measuring Quality of Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. Global Health: Science and Practice, 5(1), 108-14. PMCID: PMC5493448

Flabbi, Luca; Piras, Claudia; & Abrahams, Scott. (2017). Female Corporate Leadership in Latin America and the Caribbean Region Representation and Firm-Level Outcomes. International Journal of Manpower, 38(6), 790-818.

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