The searchable list below includes peer-reviewed publications by CPC fellows, predoctoral trainees, postdoctoral scholars, and professional staff during the period of 2004 - present. 

Additional publications by our research projects and their collaborative communities may be found on their respective web sites such as:

DeBono, Nathan L.; Robinson, Whitney R.; Lund, Jennifer L.; Tse, Chiu Kit; Moorman, Patricia G.; Olshan, Andrew F.; & Troester, Melissa A. (Forthcoming). Race, Menopausal Hormone Therapy, and Invasive Breast Cancer in the Carolina Breast Cancer Study. Journal of Women's Health.

Hong, Chi-Chen; Sucheston-Campbell, Lara E.; Liu, Song; Hu, Qiang; Yao, Song; Lunetta, Kathryn L.; Haddad, Stephen A.; Ruiz-Narvaez, Edward A.; Bensen, Jeannette T.; Cheng, Ting-Yuan David; Bandera, Elisa V.; Rosenberg, Lynn A.; Haiman, Christopher A.; Lee, Kelvin P.; Evans, Sharon S.; Abrams, Scott I.; Repasky, Elizabeth A.; Olshan, Andrew F.; Palmer, Julie R.; & Ambrosone, Christine B. (Forthcoming). Genetic Variants in Immune-Related Pathways and Breast Cancer Risk in African American Women in the AMBER Consortium. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.

McClain, Kathleen M.; Bradshaw, Patrick T.; Khankari, Nikhil K.; Gammon, Marilie D.; & Olshan, Andrew F. (Forthcoming). Fish/Shellfish Intake and the Risk of Head and Neck Cancer. European Journal of Cancer Prevention.

Rubenstein, Eric M.; Wiggins, Lisa D.; Schieve, Laura A.; Bradley, Chyrise B.; DiGuiseppi, Carolyn; Moody, Eric J.; Pandey, Juhi; Pretzel, Rebecca E.; Howard, Annie Green; Olshan, Andrew F.; Pence, Brian W.; & Daniels, Julie L. (Forthcoming). Associations between Parental Broader Autism Phenotype and Child Autism Spectrum Disorder Phenotype in the Study to Explore Early Development. Autism.

Allott, Emma H.; Geradts, Joseph; Cohen, Stephanie M.; Khoury, Thaer; Zirpoli, Gary R.; Bshara, Wiam; Davis, Warren; Omilian, Angela; Nair, Priya; Ondracek, Rochelle P.; Cheng, Ting-Yuan David; Miller, C. Ryan; Hwang, Helena; Thorne, Leigh B.; O'Connor, Siobhan; Bethea, Traci N.; Bell, Mary E.; Hu, Zhiyuan; Li, Yan; Kirk, Erin L.; Sun, Xuezheng; Ruiz-Narvaez, Edward A.; Perou, Charles M.; Palmer, Julie R.; Olshan, Andrew F.; Ambrosone, Christine B.; & Troester, Melissa A. (2018). Frequency of Breast Cancer Subtypes among African American Women in the AMBER Consortium. Breast Cancer Research, 20(1), 12.

Bauer, Anna E.; Avery, Christy L.; Shi, Min; Weinberg, Clarice R.; Olshan, Andrew F.; Harmon, Quaker E.; Luo, Jingchun; Yang, Jenny; Manuck, Tracy A.; Wu, Michael C.; Williams, Nicholas; McGinnis, Ralph; Morgan, Linda; Klungsøyr, Kari; Trogstad, Lill; Magnus, Per M.; & Engel, Stephanie M. (2018). A Family Based Study of Carbon Monoxide and Nitric Oxide Signalling Genes and Preeclampsia. Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology, 32(1), 1-12. PMCID: PMC5771849

Butler, Ebonee N.; Bensen, Jeannette T.; Chen, Mengjie; Conway, Kathleen; Richardson, David B.; Sun, Xuezheng; Geradts, Joseph; Olshan, Andrew F.; & Troester, Melissa A. (2018). Prediagnostic Smoking Is Associated with Binary and Quantitative Measures of ER Protein and ESR1 mRNA Expression in Breast Tumors. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 27(1), 67-74.

Choi, Jaeun; Zeng, Donglin; Olshan, Andrew F.; & Cai, Jianwen. (2018). Joint Modeling of Survival Time and Longitudinal Outcomes with Flexible Random Effects. Lifetime Data Analysis, 24(1), 126-52. PMCID: PMC5756108

Pace, Nelson D.; Desrosiers, Tania A.; Carmichael, Suzan L.; Shaw, Gary M.; Olshan, Andrew F.; Siega-Riz, Anna Maria; & the National Birth Defects Prevention Study. (2018). Antioxidant Consumption Is Associated with Decreased Odds of Congenital Limb Deficiencies. Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology, 32(1), 90-9. PMCID: PMC5771883

Troester, Melissa A.; Sun, Xuezheng; Allott, Emma H.; Geradts, Joseph; Cohen, Stephanie M.; Tse, Chiu-Kit; Kirk, Erin L.; Thorne, Leigh B.; Mathews, Michelle M.; Li, Yan; Hu, Zhiyuan; Robinson, Whitney R.; Hoadley, Katherine A.; Olopade, Olufunmilayo I.; Reeder-Hayes, Katherine E.; Earp, H. Shelton; Olshan, Andrew F.; Carey, Lisa A.; & Perou, Charles M. (2018). Racial Differences in PAM50 Subtypes in the Carolina Breast Cancer Study. Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 110(2), djx135.

Walter, Vonn; Yin, Xiaoying; Wilkerson, Matthew D.; Cabanski, Christopher R.; Zhao, Ni; Du, Ying; Ang, Mei Kim; Hayward, Michele C.; Salazar, Ashley H.; Hoadley, Katherine A.; Fritchie, Karen; Sailey, Charles J.; Weissler, Mark C.; Shockley, William W.; Zanation, Adam M.; Hackman, Trevor; Thorne, Leigh B.; Funkhouser, William D.; Muldrew, Kenneth L.; Olshan, Andrew F.; Randell, Scott H.; Wright, Fred A.; Shores, Carol G.; & Hayes, D. Neil. (2018). Correction: Molecular Subtypes in Head and Neck Cancer Exhibit Distinct Patterns of Chromosomal Gain and Loss of Canonical Cancer Genes. PLOS ONE, 13(3), e0194674.

Williams, Lindsay A.; Nichols, Hazel B.; Hoadley, Katherine A.; Tse, Chiu Kit; Geradts, Joseph; Bell, Mary Elizabeth; Perou, Charles M.; Love, Michael I.; Olshan, Andrew F.; & Troester, Melissa A. (2018). Reproductive Risk Factor Associations with Lobular and Ductal Carcinoma in the Carolina Breast Cancer Study. Cancer Causes & Control, 29(1), 25-32.

Anantharaman, Devasena; Abedi-Ardekani, Behnoush; Beachler, Daniel C.; Gheit, Tarik; Olshan, Andrew F.; Wisniewski, Kathy; Wunsch-Filho, Victor; Toporcov, Tatiana N.; Tajara, Eloiza H.; Levi, Jose Eduardo; Moyses, Raquel A.; Boccia, Stefania; Cadoni, Gabriella; Rindi, Guido; Ahrens, Wolfgang; Merletti, Franco; Conway, David I.; Wright, Sylvia; Carreira, Christine; Renard, Helene; Chopard, Priscilia; McKay-Chopin, Sandrine; Scelo, Ghislaine; Tommasino, Massimo; Brennan, Paul; & D'Souza, Gypsyamber. (2017). Geographic Heterogeneity in the Prevalence of Human Papillomavirus in Head and Neck Cancer. International Journal of Cancer, 140(9), 1968-75.

Chollet-Hinton, Lynn S.; Olshan, Andrew F.; Nichols, Hazel B.; Anders, Carey K.; Lund, Jennifer L.; Allott, Emma H.; Bethea, Traci N.; Hong, Chi-Chen; Cohen, Stephanie M.; Khoury, Thaer; Zirpoli, Gary R.; Borges, Virginia F.; Rosenberg, Lynn A.; Bandera, Elisa V.; Ambrosone, Christine B.; Palmer, Julie R.; & Troester, Melissa A. (2017). Biology and Etiology of Young-Onset Breast Cancers among Premenopausal African American Women: Results from the AMBER Consortium. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 26(12), 1722-9.

D'Souza, Gypsyamber; Anantharaman, Devasena; Gheit, Tarik; Abedi-Ardekani, Behnoush; Beachler, Daniel C.; Conway, David I.; Olshan, Andrew F.; Wunsch-Filho, Victor; Toporcov, Tatiana N.; Ahrens, Wolfgang; Wisniewski, Kathy; Merletti, Franco; Boccia, Stefania; Tajara, Eloiza H.; Zevallos, Jose P.; Levi, Jose Eduardo; Weissler, Mark C.; Wright, Sylvia; Scelo, Ghislaine; Mazul, Angela L.; Tommasino, Massimo; Brennan, Paul; & Cadoni, Gabriella. (2017). Corrigendum to ‘Effect of HPV on Head and Neck Cancer Patient Survival, by Region and Tumor Site: A Comparison of 1362 Cases across Three Continents’. Oral Oncology, 65, e1. PMCID: PMC5755376

Farquhar, Douglas R.; Divaris, Kimon; Mazul, Angela L.; Weissler, Mark C.; Zevallos, Jose P.; & Olshan, Andrew F. (2017). Poor Oral Health Affects Survival in Head and Neck Cancer. Oral Oncology, 73, 111-7. PMCID: PMC5659716

Feng, Ye; Rhie, Suhn K.; Huo, Dezheng; Ruiz-Narvaez, Edward A.; Haddad, Stephen A.; Ambrosone, Christine B.; John, Esther M.; Bernstein, Leslie; Zheng, Wei; Hu, Jennifer J.; Ziegler, Regina G.; Nyante, Sarah; Bandera, Elisa V.; Ingles, Sue Ann; Press, Michael F.; Deming, Sandra L.; Rodriguez-Gil, Jorge L.; Zheng, Yonglan; Yao, Song; Han, Yoo Jeong; Ogundiran, Temidayo O.; Rebbeck, Timothy R.; Adebamowo, Clement; Ojengbede, Oladosu; Falusi, Adeyinka G.; Hennis, Anselm; Nemesure, Barbara; Ambs, Stefan; Blot, William; Cai, Qiuyin; Signorello, Lisa; Nathanson, Katherine L.; Lunetta, Kathryn L.; Sucheston-Campbell, Lara E.; Bensen, Jeannette T.; Chanock, Stephen J.; Le Marchand, Loic; Olshan, Andrew F.; Kolonel, Laurence N.; Conti, David V.; Coetzee, Gerhard; Stram, Daniel O.; Olopade, Olufunmilayo I.; Palmer, Julie R.; & Haiman, Christopher A. (2017). Characterizing Genetic Susceptibility to Breast Cancer in Women of African Ancestry. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 26(7), 1016-26. PMCID: PMC5500414

Kawakita, Daisuke; Lee, Yuan-Chin Amy; Turati, Federica; Parpinel, Maria; Decarli, Adriano; Serraino, Diego; Matsuo, Keitaro; Olshan, Andrew F.; Zevallos, Jose P.; Winn, Deborah M.; Moysich, Kirsten; Zhang, Zuo-Feng; Morgenstern, Hal; Levi, Fabio; Kelsey, Karl T.; McClean, Michael D.; Bosetti, Cristina; Garavello, Werner; Schantz, Stimson; Yu, Guo-Pei; Boffetta, Paolo; Chuang, Shu-Chun; Hashibe, Mia; Ferraroni, Monica; La Vecchia, Carlo; & Edefonti, Valeria. (2017). Dietary Fiber Intake and Head and Neck Cancer Risk: A Pooled Analysis in the International Head and Neck Cancer Epidemiology Consortium. International Journal of Cancer, 141(9), 1811-21. PMCID: PMC5797849

Khan, Saira; Cai, Jianwen; Nielsen, Matthew E.; Troester, Melissa A.; Mohler, James L.; Fontham, Elizabeth T. H.; Hendrix, Laura H.; Farnan, Laura; Olshan, Andrew F.; & Bensen, Jeannette T. (2017). The Association of Diabetes and Obesity with Prostate Cancer Progression: HCaP-NC. Prostate, 77(8), 878-87. PMCID: PMC5695861

Kutbi, Hebah; Wehby, George L.; Moreno Uribe, Lina M.; Romitti, Paul A.; Carmichael, Suzan L.; Shaw, Gary M.; Olshan, Andrew F.; DeRoo, Lisa A.; Rasmussen, Sonja A.; Murray, Jeffrey C.; Wilcox, Allen J.; Lie, Rolv T.; & Munger, Ronald G. (2017). Maternal Underweight and Obesity and Risk of Orofacial Clefts in a Large International Consortium of Population-Based Studies. International Journal of Epidemiology, 46(1), 190-9. PMCID: PMC5837498

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