The searchable list below includes peer-reviewed publications by CPC fellows, predoctoral trainees, postdoctoral scholars, and professional staff during the period of 2004 - present. 

Additional publications by our research projects and their collaborative communities may be found on their respective web sites such as:

Batis, Carolina R.; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; Cole, Stephen R.; Du, Shufa; Zhang, Bing; & Popkin, Barry M. (2013). Sodium Intake from Various Time Frames and Incident Hypertension among Chinese Adults. Epidemiology, 24(3), 410-8. PMCID: PMC3909658

Boone-Heinonen, Janne; Diez-Roux, Ana V.; Goff, David C., Jr.; Loria, Catherine M.; Kiefe, Catarina I.; Popkin, Barry M.; & Gordon-Larsen, Penny. (2013). The Neighborhood Energy Balance Equation: Does Neighborhood Food Retail Environment + Physical Activity Environment = Obesity? The CARDIA Study. PLOS ONE, 8(12), e85141. PMCID: PMC3874030

Borrell, Luisa N.; Kiefe, Catarina I.; Diez-Roux, Ana V.; Williams, David R.; & Gordon-Larsen, Penny. (2013). Racial Discrimination, Racial/Ethnic Segregation, and Health Behaviors in the CARDIA Study. Ethnicity & Health, 18(3), 227-43. PMCID: PMC3523091

Dahly, Darren L.; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; Emch, Michael E.; Borja, Judith B.; & Adair, Linda S. (2013). The Spatial Distribution of Overweight and Obesity among a Birth Cohort of Young Adult Filipinos (Cebu Philippines, 2005): An Application of the Kulldorff Spatial Scan Statistic. Nutrition & Diabetes, 3, e80. PMCID: PMC3730219

Gordon-Larsen, Penny; Adair, Linda S.; Meigs, James B.; Mayer-Davis, Elizabeth J.; Herring, Amy H.; Yan, Sheng-kai; Zhang, Bing; Du, Shufa; & Popkin, Barry M. (2013). Discordant Risk: Overweight and Cardiometabolic Risk in Chinese Adults. Obesity, 21(1), E166-74. PMCID: PMC3486953

Graff, Mariaelisa; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; Lim, Unhee; Fowke, Jay H.; Love, Shelly-Ann; Fesinmeyer, Megan; Wilkens, Lynne R.; Vertilus, Shawyntee; Ritchie, Marilyn D.; Prentice, Ross L.; Pankow, Jim; Monroe, Kristine R.; Manson, JoAnn E.; Le Marchand, Loic; Kuller, Lewis H.; Kolonel, Laurence N.; Hong, Ching P.; Henderson, Brian E.; Haessler, Jeffrey; Gross, Myron D.; Goodloe, Robert; Franceschini, Nora; Carlson, Christopher S.; Buyske, Steven G.; Buzkova, Petra; Hindorff, Lucia A.; Matise, Tara C.; Crawford, Dana C.; Haiman, Christopher A.; Peters, Ulrike; & North, Kari E. (2013). The Influence of Obesity-Related Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms on BMI across the Life Course: The PAGE Study. Diabetes, 62(5), 1763-7. PMCID: PMC3636619

Graff, Mariaelisa; Ngwa, Julius S.; Workalemahu, Tsegaselassie; Homuth, Georg; Schipf, Sabine; Teumer, Alexander; Völzke, Henry; Wallaschofski, Henri; Abecasis, Goncalo R.; Edward, Lakatta; Francesco, Cucca; Sanna, Serena; Scheet, Paul; Schlessinger, David; Sidore, Carlo; Xiao, Xiangjun; Wang, Zhaoming; Chanock, Stephen J.; Jacobs, Kevin B.; Hayes, Richard B.; Hu, Frank; Van Dam, Rob M.; Consortium, The GIANT; Crout, Richard J.; Marazita, Mary L.; Shaffer, John R.; Atwood, Larry D.; Fox, Caroline S.; Heard-Costa, Nancy L.; White, Charles; Choh, Audrey C.; Czerwinski, Stefan A.; Demerath, Ellen W.; Dyer, Thomas D.; Towne, Bradford; Amin, Najaf; Oostra, Ben A.; van Duijn, Cornelia M.; Zillikens, M. Carola; Esko, Tõnu; Nelis, Mari; Nikopensius, Tit; Metspalu, Andres; Strachan, David P.; Monda, Keri L.; Qi, Lu; North, Kari E.; Cupples, L. Adrienne; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; & Berndt, Sonja I. (2013). Genome-Wide Analysis of BMI in Adolescents and Young Adults Reveals Additional Insight into the Effects of Genetic Loci over the Life Course. Human Molecular Genetics, 22(17), 3597-607. PMCID: PMC3736869

Graff, Mariaelisa; North, Kari E.; Franceschini, Nora; Reiner, Alexander P.; Feitosa, Mary F.; Carr, John Jeffrey; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; Wojczynski, Mary K.; & Borecki, Ingrid B. (2013). PNPLA3 Gene-by-Gene Visceral Adipose Tissue Volume Interaction and the Pathogenesis of Fatty Liver Disease: The NHLBI Family Heart Study. International Journal of Obesity, 37(3), 432-8. PMCID: PMC3410967

Graff, Mariaelisa; North, Kari E.; Richardson, Andrea S.; Young, Kristin L.; Mohlke, Karen L.; Lange, Leslie A.; Lange, Ethan M.; Harris, Kathleen Mullan; & Gordon-Larsen, Penny. (2013). Screen Time Behaviours May Interact with Obesity Genes, Independent of Physical Activity, to Influence Adolescent BMI in an Ethnically Diverse Cohort. Pediatric Obesity, 8(6), e74-9. PMCID: PMC3838440

Herring, Amy H.; Attard, Samantha M.; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; Joyner, William H.; & Halpern, Carolyn Tucker. (2013). Like a Virgin (Mother): Analysis of Data from a Longitudinal, US Population Representative Sample Survey. BMJ, 347, f7102. PMCID: PMC3898165

Jaacks, Lindsay M.; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; Mayer-Davis, Elizabeth J.; Adair, Linda S.; & Popkin, Barry M. (2013). Age, Period and Cohort Effects on Adult Body Mass Index and Overweight from 1991 to 2009 in China: The China Health and Nutrition Survey. International Journal of Epidemiology, 42(3), 828-37. PMCID: PMC3733700

The, Natalie S.; Richardson, Andrea S.; & Gordon-Larsen, Penny. (2013). Timing and Duration of Obesity in Relation to Diabetes: Findings from an Ethnically Diverse, Nationally Representative Sample. Diabetes Care, 36(4), 865-72. PMCID: PMC3609525

Attard, Samantha M.; Herring, Amy H.; Mayer-Davis, Elizabeth J.; Popkin, Barry M.; Meigs, James B.; & Gordon-Larsen, Penny. (2012). Multilevel Examination of Diabetes in Modernising China: What Elements of Urbanisation Are Most Associated with Diabetes? Diabetologia, 55(12), 3182-92. PMCID: PMC3483108

Boone-Heinonen, Janne; & Gordon-Larsen, Penny. (2012). Obesogenic Environments in Youth: Concepts and Methods from a Longitudinal National Sample. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 42(5), e37-e46. PMCID: PMC3382037

Dearth-Wesley, Tracy; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; Adair, Linda S.; Zhang, Bing; & Popkin, Barry M. (2012). Longitudinal, Cross-Cohort Comparison of Physical Activity Patterns in Chinese Mothers and Children [Open Access]. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 9, 39. PMCID: PMC3420306

Gordon-Larsen, Penny; & Jones-Smith, Jessica. (2012). Challenges in Ameliorating Hunger while Preventing Obesity. Lancet, 380(9844), 787-9.

Graff, Mariaelisa; North, Kari E.; Mohlke, Karen L.; Lange, Leslie A.; Luo, Jingchun; Harris, Kathleen Mullan; Young, Kristin L.; Richardson, Andrea S.; Lange, Ethan M.; & Gordon-Larsen, Penny. (2012). Estimation of Genetic Effects on BMI during Adolescence in an Ethnically Diverse Cohort: The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. Nutrition & Diabetes, 2, e47. PMCID: PMC3461356

Jones-Smith, Jessica C.; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; Siddiqi, Arjumand A.; & Popkin, Barry M. (2012). Emerging Disparities in Overweight by Educational Attainment in Chinese Adults (1989-2006). International Journal of Obesity, 36(6), 866-75. PMCID: PMC3193889

Jones-Smith, Jessica C.; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; Siddiqi, Arjumand A.; & Popkin, Barry M. (2012). Is the Burden of Overweight Shifting to the Poor across the Globe? Time Trends among Women in 39 Low- and Middle-Income Countries (1991–2008). International Journal of Obesity, 36(8), 1114-20. PMCID: PMC3516372

North, Kari E.; Graff, Mariaelisa; Franceschini, Nora; Reiner, Alexander P.; Feitosa, Mary F.; Carr, John Jeffrey; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; Wojczynski, Mary K.; & Borecki, Ingrid B. (2012). Sex and Race Differences in the Prevalence of Fatty Liver Disease as Measured by Computed Tomography Liver Attenuation in European American and African American Participants of the NHLBI Family Heart Study. European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 24(1), 9-16. PMCID: PMC3233637

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