The searchable list below includes peer-reviewed publications by CPC fellows, predoctoral trainees, postdoctoral scholars, and professional staff during the period of 2004 - present. 

Additional publications by our research projects and their collaborative communities may be found on their respective web sites such as:

Yan, Shengkai; Li, Jiang; Li, Shuang; Zhang, Bing; Du, Shufa; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; Adair, Linda S.; & Popkin, Barry M. (2012). The Expanding Burden of Cardiometabolic Risk in China: The China Health and Nutrition Survey. Obesity Reviews, 13(9), 810-21. PMCID: PMC3429648

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Boone-Heinonen, Janne; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; Guilkey, David K.; Jacobs, David R., Jr.; & Popkin, Barry M. (2011). Environment and Physical Activity Dynamics: The Role of Residential Self-Selection. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 12(1), 54-60. PMCID: PMC3079234

Boone-Heinonen, Janne; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; Kiefe, Catarina I.; Shikany, James M.; Lewis, Cora E.; & Popkin, Barry M. (2011). Fast Food Restaurants and Food Stores: Longitudinal Associations with Diet in Young to Middle-aged Adults: The CARDIA Study. Archives of Internal Medicine, 171(13), 1162-70. PMCID: PMC3178268

Dearth-Wesley, Tracy; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; Adair, Linda S.; Siega-Riz, Anna Maria; Zhang, Bing; & Popkin, Barry M. (2011). Less Traditional Diets in Chinese Mothers and Children Are Similarly Linked to Socioeconomic and Cohort Factors but Vary with Increasing Child Age. Journal of Nutrition, 141(9), 1705-11. PMCID: PMC3159056

Gordon-Larsen, Penny; & Popkin, Barry M. (2011). Understanding Socioeconomic and Racial/Ethnic Status Disparities in Diet, Exercise, and Weight: Underlying Contextual Factors and Pathways. Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 111(12), 1816-9. PMCID: PMC3225804

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Hou, Ningqi; Popkin, Barry M.; Jacobs, David R., Jr.; Song, Yan; Guilkey, David K.; He, Ka; Lewis, Cora E.; & Gordon-Larsen, Penny. (2011). Longitudinal Trends in Gasoline Price and Physical Activity: The CARDIA Study. Preventive Medicine, 52(5), 365-9. PMCID: PMC3087158

Jones-Smith, Jessica C.; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; Siddiqi, Arjumand A.; & Popkin, Barry M. (2011). Cross-National Comparisons of Time Trends in Overweight Inequality by Socioeconomic Status among Women Using Repeated Cross-Sectional Surveys from 37 Developing Countries, 1989-2007. American Journal of Epidemiology, 173(6), 667-75. PMCID: PMC3105263

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Scharoun-Lee, Melissa; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; Adair, Linda S.; Popkin, Barry M.; Kaufman, Jay S.; & Suchindran, Chirayath M. (2011). Intergenerational Profiles of Socioeconomic (Dis)Advantage and Obesity during the Transition to Adulthood. Demography, 48(2), 625-51. PMCID: PMC3381949

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Zamora, Daisy; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; He, Ka; Jacobs, David R., Jr.; Shikany, James M.; & Popkin, Barry M. (2011). Are the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans Associated with Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors? Twenty-Year Findings from the CARDIA Study. Diabetes Care, 34(5), 1183-5. PMCID: PMC3114488

Boone-Heinonen, Janne; Casanova, Kathleen; Richardson, Andrea S.; & Gordon-Larsen, Penny. (2010). Where Can They Play? Outdoor Spaces and Physical Activity among Adolescents in U.S. Urbanized Areas. Preventive Medicine, 51(3-4), 295-8. PMCID: PMC2962438

Boone-Heinonen, Janne; Evenson, Kelly R.; Song, Yan; & Gordon-Larsen, Penny. (2010). Built and Socioeconomic Environments: Patterning and Associations with Physical Activity in U.S. Adolescents [Open Access]. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 7, 45. PMCID: PMC3152773

Boone-Heinonen, Janne; Guilkey, David K.; Evenson, Kelly R.; & Gordon-Larsen, Penny. (2010). Residential Self-Selection Bias in the Estimation of Built Environment Effects on Physical Activity between Adolescence and Young Adulthood [Open Access]. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 7, 70. PMCID: PMC2959083

Boone-Heinonen, Janne; Popkin, Barry M.; Song, Yan; & Gordon-Larsen, Penny. (2010). What Neighborhood Area Captures Built Environment Features Related to Adolescent Physical Activity? Health & Place, 16(6), 1280-6. PMCID: PMC3005308

Cerda, Magdalena; Diez-Roux, Ana V.; Tchetgen, Eric Tchetgen; Gordon-Larsen, Penny; & Kiefe, Catarina I. (2010). The Relationship between Neighborhood Poverty and Alcohol Use: Estimation by Marginal Structural Models. Epidemiology, 21(4), 482-9. PMCID: PMC3897210

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