The searchable list below includes peer-reviewed publications by CPC fellows, predoctoral trainees, postdoctoral scholars, and professional staff during the period of 2004 - present. 

Additional publications by our research projects and their collaborative communities may be found on their respective web sites such as:

Rindfuss, Ronald R.; Guilkey, David K.; Morgan, S. Philip; Kravdal, Øystein; & Guzzo, Karen Benjamin. (2007). Child Care Availability and First-Birth Timing in Norway. Demography, 44(2), 345-72. PMCID: PMC2917182

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Morgan, S. Philip; & Hagewen, Kellie J. (2005). Is Very Low Fertility Inevitable in America? Insights and Forecasts from an Integrative Model of Fertility. In Booth, Alan, Crouter, Ann C. & Crouter, Ann C. (Eds.), The New Population Problem: Why Families in Developed Countries Are Shrinking and What It Means (pp. 3-28). Mahwah, N.J.: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

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Dharmalingam, Arunachalam; & Morgan, S. Philip. (2004). Pervasive Muslim-Hindu Fertility Differences in India. Demography, 41(3), 529-45.

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