Taylor Hargrove


Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Sociology


CPC Office: 123 W Franklin St, Room 2197
CPC Phone Number: (919) 962-2436

Dr. Hargrove's Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Hargrove's primary research areas of interest are race, aging and the life course, and the social stratification of health. Her program of research examines how and why social inequalities in health unfold across the life course, and is guided by three overarching questions: To what extent do race, skin color, gender, and social class combine to shape health at different stages of life? How do pathways to health and aging differ among members of broadly defined social groups? What are the psychosocial mechanisms underlying health inequality? She is currently engaged in research that explores linkages among neighborhood contexts, individual-level characteristics, and biological measures of health in early adulthood. The goal of this work is to elucidate how macro-level environments shape the consequences of social statuses on more proximate causes of poor health. One project, for example, seeks to explore the biological and social mechanisms that may diminish the health benefits of socioeconomic resources for particular social groups in the US. Another project investigates how neighborhood disadvantage influences the relationship between skin color and risk of preterm birth among African American women. Hargrove plans to continue this line of research in efforts to help elucidate the pathways through which social factors "get under our skin" to shape health and undergird social stratification.

Primary Research Areas:

  • Population Health

Information updated on 4/11/2019

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