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Russia has the second largest number of confirmed COVID-19 virus cases in the world, demonstrating substantial regional differences both in the spread of the virus and implemented policies. As a co-investigator, I will oversee the collection of data on the spread of coronavirus, mortality outcomes, and various mitigating polices for 85 regions of the Russian Federation. We will link this regional COVID-19 data with (i) the RLMS-HSE panel dataset and (ii) the upcoming new RLMS-HSE module on individual and household experiences during the coronavirus pandemic. The panel feature of the RLMS-HSE data will allow us to investigate various labor and social outcomes pre- and post-COVID19 crisis. The UNC PI will collaborate with other Investigators in the cross-country analysis of the social and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the effectiveness of country-wide and regional mitigating policies.

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