The searchable list below includes peer-reviewed publications by CPC fellows, predoctoral trainees, postdoctoral scholars, and professional staff during the period of 2004 - present. 

Additional publications by our research projects and their collaborative communities may be found on their respective web sites such as:

Coclanis, Peter A. (Forthcoming). Jack P. Greene. In Steirer, William F., Jr. & Owens, Rameth Richard (Eds.), Historians of the American South. New York: Garland Press.

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Harrington, Bryna J.; Pence, Brian W.; Maliwichi, Madalitso; Jumbe, Allan N.; Gondwe, Ntchindi A.; Wallie, Shaphil D.; Gaynes, Bradley N.; Maselko, Joanna; Miller, William C.; Hosseinipour, Mina C.; & , the S4 Study Team. (Forthcoming). Probable Antenatal Depression at Antiretroviral Initiation and Postpartum Viral Suppression and Engagement in Option B. AIDS.

Hummer, Robert A.; & Hamilton, Erin R. (Forthcoming). Population Health in the United States: A Social Demographic Perspective.

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