The searchable list below includes peer-reviewed publications by CPC fellows, predoctoral trainees, postdoctoral scholars, and professional staff during the period of 2004 - present. 

Additional publications by our research projects and their collaborative communities may be found on their respective web sites such as:

Angeles, Gustavo; Ahsan, Karar Zunaid; Streatfield, Peter Kim; El Arifeen, Shams; & Jamil, Kanta. (Forthcoming). Reducing Inequity in Urban Health: Have the Intra-Urban Differentials in Reproductive Health Service Utilization and Child Nutritional Outcome Narrowed in Bangladesh? Journal of Urban Health.

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Fritz, Jimena; Lamadrid-Figueroa, Héctor; Angeles, Gustavo; Montoya, Alejandra; & Walker, Dilys M. (2018). Health Providers Pass Knowledge and Abilities Acquired by Training in Obstetric Emergencies to Their Peers: The Average Treatment on the Treated Effect of PRONTO on Delivery Attendance in Mexico. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 18, 232. PMCID: PMC6003075

Kilburn, Kelly N.; Handa, Sudhanshu; Angeles, Gustavo; Tsoka, Maxton; & Mvula, Peter M. (2018). Paying for Happiness: Experimental Results from a Large Cash Transfer Program in Malawi. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 37(2), 331-56. PMCID: PMC6088229

Priedeman Skiles, Martha; Curtis, Siân L.; Angeles, Gustavo; Mullen, Stephanie A.; & Senik, Tatyana. (2018). Evaluating the Impact of Social Support Services on Tuberculosis Treatment Default in Ukraine. PLOS ONE, 13(8), e0199513. PMCID: PMC6084809

Fritz, Jimena; Walker, Dilys M.; Cohen, Susanna R.; Angeles, Gustavo; & Lamadrid-Figueroa, Héctor. (2017). Can a Simulation-Based Training Program Impact the Use of Evidence Based Routine Practices at Birth? Results of a Hospital-Based Cluster Randomized Trial in Mexico. PLOS ONE, 12(3), e0172623. PMCID: PMC5358738

Jakubowski, Aleksandra E.; Stearns, Sally C.; Kruk, Margaret E.; Angeles, Gustavo; & Thirumurthy, Harsha. (2017). The US President's Malaria Initiative and under-5 Child Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Difference-in-Differences Analysis. PLOS Medicine, 14(6), e1002319. PMCID: PMC5469567

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Kilburn, Kelly N.; Handa, Sudhanshu; Angeles, Gustavo; Mvula, Peter M.; & Tsoka, Maxton. (2017). Short-Term Impacts of an Unconditional Cash Transfer Program on Child Schooling: Experimental Evidence from Malawi. Economics of Education Review, 59, 63-80. PMCID: PMC5844286

Angeles, Gustavo; Abdoulayi, Sara; Barrington, Clare; Handa, Sudhanshu; Kainja, Esmie Tamanda; Mvula, Peter M.; Mwamlima, Harry; Tsoka, Maxton; & Spadafora, Tayllor. (2016). The Social Cash Transfer Programme of Malawi: The Role of Evaluation from the Pilot to the Expansion. In Davis, Benjamin, Handa, Sudhanshu, Hypher, Nicola, Winder Rossi, Natalia, Winters, Paul & Yablonski, Jennifer (Eds.), From Evidence to Action: The Story of Cash Transfers and Impact Evaluation in Sub Saharan Africa (pp. 281-305). Oxford, England: FAO.

Lazcano-Ponce, Eduardo; Katz, Gregorio; Rodriguez-Valentin, Rocio; Castro, Filipa de; Allen-Leigh, Betania; Marquez-Caraveo, Maria Elena; Ramirez-Garcia, Miguel Angel; Arroyo-Garcia, Eduardo; Medina-Mora, Maria Elena; Angeles, Gustavo; Urquieta-Salomon, Jose Edmundo; & Salvador-Carulla, Luis. (2016). The Intellectual Developmental Disorders Mexico Study: Situational Diagnosis, Burden, Genomics and Intervention Proposal. Salud Pública de México, 58(6), 694-707.

Skiles, Martha Priedeman; Curtis, Sian L.; Basinga, Paulin; Angeles, Gustavo; & Thirumurthy, Harsha. (2015). The Effect of Performance-Based Financing on Illness, Care-Seeking and Treatment among Children: An Impact Evaluation in Rwanda. BMC Health Services Research, 15, 375. PMCID: PMC4570690

Agrawal, Alpna; Bloom, Shelah S.; Suchindran, Chirayath M.; Curtis, Sian L.; & Angeles, Gustavo. (2014). Gender-Based Power and Couples' HIV Risk in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, North India. International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 40(4), 196-205. PMCID: PMC4399762

Glassman, Amanda; Duran, Denizhan; Fleisher, Lisa; Singer, Daniel; Sturke, Rachel; Angeles, Gustavo; Charles, Jodi; Emrey, Bob; Gleason, Joanne; Mwebsa, Winnie; Saldana, Kelly; Yarrow, Kristina; & Koblinsky, Marge. (2013). Impact of Conditional Cash Transfers on Maternal and Newborn Health. Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition, 31(4 Suppl. 2), 48-66. PMCID: PMC4021703

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Sambisa, William; Angeles, Gustavo; Lance, Peter M.; Naved, Ruchira T.; & Thornton, Juliana. (2011). Prevalence and Correlates of Physical Spousal Violence against Women in Slum and Nonslum Areas of Urban Bangladesh. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 26(13), 2592-618. PMCID: PMC3845968

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