The searchable list below includes peer-reviewed publications by CPC fellows, predoctoral trainees, postdoctoral scholars, and professional staff during the period of 2004 - present. 

Additional publications by our research projects and their collaborative communities may be found on their respective web sites such as:

Keeler, Corinna; & Emch, Michael E. (Forthcoming). Infectious Disease Geography. In Martin, Jonathan (Ed.), Routledge Handbook of Health Geography. Routledge.

Aydemir, Ozkan; Janko, Mark M.; Hathaway, Nick J.; Verity, Robert; Mwandagalirwa, Melchior Kashamuka; Tshefu, Antoinette K.; Tessema, Sofonias K.; Marsh, Patrick W.; Tran, Alice; Reimonn, Thomas; Ghani, Azra C.; Ghansah, Anita; Juliano, Jonathan J.; Greenhouse, Bryan R.; Emch, Michael E.; Meshnick, Steven R.; & Bailey, Jeffrey A. (2018). Drug-Resistance and Population Structure of Plasmodium falciparuma across the Democratic Republic of Congo Using High-Throughput Molecular Inversion Probes. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 218(6), 946-55. PMCID: PMC6093412

Janko, Mark M.; Irish, Seth R.; Reich, Brian J.; Peterson, Marc; Doctor, Stephanie M.; Mwandagalirwa, Melchior Kashamuka; Likwela, Joris L.; Tshefu, Antoinette K.; Meshnick, Steven R.; & Emch, Michael E. (2018). The Links between Agriculture, Anopheles Mosquitoes, and Malaria Risk in Children Younger than 5 Years in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Population-Based, Cross-Sectional, Spatial Study. Lancet Planetary Health, 2(2), e74-82. PMCID: PMC5809714

Levitz, Lauren; Janko, Mark M.; Mwandagalirwa, Kashamuka; Thwai, Kyaw L.; Likwela, Joris L.; Tshefu, Antoinette K.; Emch, Michael E.; & Meshnick, Steven R. (2018). Effect of Individual and Community-Level Bed Net Usage on Malaria Prevalence among under-Fives in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Malaria Journal, 17, 39. PMCID: PMC5774036

Mwandagalirwa, Melchior Kashamuka; Levitz, Lauren; Thwai, Kyaw L.; Parr, Jonathan B.; Goel, Varun; Janko, Mark M.; Tshefu, Antoinette; Emch, Michael E.; Meshnick, Steven R.; & Carrel, Margaret A. (2018). Correction to: Individual and Household Characteristics of Persons with Plasmodium falciparum Malaria in Sites with Varying Endemicities in Kinshasa Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Malaria Journal, 17(1), 287. PMCID: PMC6083521

Nazia, Nushrat; Ali, Mohammad; Jakariya, Md; Nahar, Quamrun; Yunus, Mohammad; & Emch, Michael E. (2018). Spatial and Population Drivers of Persistent Cholera Transmission in Rural Bangladesh: Implications for Vaccine and Intervention Targeting. Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Epidemiology, 24, 1-9.

Parr, Jonathan B.; Lodge, Evans K.; Holzmayer, Vera; Pepin, Jacques; Frost, Eric H.; Fried, Michael W.; McGivern, David R.; Lemon, Stanley M.; Keeler, Corinna; Emch, Michael E.; Mwandagalirwa, Kashamuka; Tshefu, Antoinette K.; Fwamba, Franck; Muwonga, Jeremie; Meshnick, Steven R.; & Cloherty, Gavin A. (2018). An Efficient, Large-Scale Survey of Hepatitis C Viremia in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Using Dried Blood Spots. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 66(2), 254-60. PMCID: PMC5850542

Stebbins, Rebecca C.; Emch, Michael E.; & Meshnick, Steven R. (2018). The Effectiveness of Community Bed Net Use on Malaria Parasitemia among Children Less than 5 Years Old in Liberia. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 98(3), 660-6. PMCID: PMC5930893

Werder, Emily J.; Engel, Lawrence S.; Richardson, David B.; Emch, Michael E.; Gerr, Fredric E.; Kwok, Richard K.; & Sandler, Dale P. (2018). Environmental Styrene Exposure and Neurologic Symptoms in U.S. Gulf Coast Residents. Environment International, 121(Part 1), 480-90.

Wu, Jianyong; Yunus, Mohammad; Ali, Mohammad; Escamilla, Veronica; & Emch, Michael E. (2018). Influences of Heatwave, Rainfall, and Tree Cover on Cholera in Bangladesh. Environment International, 120, 304-11.

Becker-Dreps, Sylvia I.; Cuthbertson, Carmen C.; Bucardo, Filemon; Vinje, Jan; Paniagua, Margarita; Giebultowicz, Sophia; Espinoza, Felix; & Emch, Michael E. (2017). Environmental Factors Associated with Childhood Norovirus Diarrhoea in Leon, Nicaragua. Epidemiology and Infection, 145(8), 1597-605. PMCID: PMC5896004

Call, Maia A.; Gray, Clark L.; Yunus, Mohammad; & Emch, Michael E. (2017). Disruption, Not Displacement: Environmental Variability and Temporary Migration in Bangladesh. Global Environmental Change, 46, 157-65. PMCID: PMC5784445

Doctor, Stephanie M.; Liu, Yunhao; Whitesell, Amy; Thwai, Kyaw L.; Taylor, Steve M.; Janko, Mark M.; Emch, Michael E.; Kashamuka, Melchior; Muwonga, Jeremie; Tshefu, Antoinette K.; & Meshnick, Steven R. (2017). Corrigendum to "Malaria Surveillance in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Comparison of Microscopy, PCR, and Rapid Diagnostic Test". Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease, 89(3), 251.

Emch, Michael E.; Root, Elisabeth Dowling; & Carrel, Margaret A. (2017). Health and Medical Geography. New York: The Guilford Press.

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Han, Larry; Wei, Chongyi; Muessig, Kathryn E.; Bien, Cedric H.; Meng, Gang; Emch, Michael E.; & Tucker, Joseph D. (2017). HIV Test Uptake among MSM in China: Implications for Enhanced HIV Test Promotion Campaigns among Key Populations. Global Public Health, 12(1), 31-44. PMCID: PMC4955642

Holliday, Katelyn M.; Howard, Annie Green; Emch, Michael E.; Rodriguez, Daniel A.; & Evenson, Kelly R. (2017). Are Buffers around Home Representative of Physical Activity Spaces among Adults? Health & Place, 45, 181-8. PMCID: PMC5453512

Holliday, Katelyn M.; Howard, Annie Green; Emch, Michael E.; Rodriguez, Daniel A.; Rosamond, Wayne D.; & Evenson, Kelly R. (2017). Deriving a GPS Monitoring Time Recommendation for Physical Activity Studies of Adults. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 49(5), 939-47. PMCID: PMC5392135

Holliday, Katelyn M.; Howard, Annie Green; Emch, Michael E.; Rodriguez, Daniel A.; Rosamond, Wayne D.; & Evenson, Kelly R. (2017). Where Are Adults Active? An Examination of Physical Activity Locations Using GPS in Five US Cities. Journal of Urban Health, 94(4), 459-69. PMCID: PMC5533664

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