Lindsey Smith Taillie


PH.D., Research Assistant Professor, Nutrition

CPC Office: 123 W Franklin St, Room 2107
CPC Phone Number: (919) 445-8313

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With training in Nutrition, Epidemiology, and Sociology, Smith-Taillie’s research focuses on social determinants of and disparities in diet behaviors and obesity in the US and globally. Her recent work investigates how major governmental and industry food initiatives and policies affect what individuals buy and eat. Previous and current projects include evaluation of “healthier food initiatives” at major US food retail chains, Mexico’s “junk food” tax, and Berkeley, CA’s soda tax, and how these affect food purchasing and intake, especially among low-income populations. She also explores natural experiment strategies for examining food policy initiatives when a control group is lacking. This work will identify the most promising policy efforts to improve diet, while quantifying heterogeneity in response to these policies among vulnerable subgroups, to maximize population health while reducing disparities.

Her other work includes using national time use surveys to examine disparities in time allocations to health-producing behaviors in light of current nutrition and physical activity guidelines. A recent publication shows that while working adults have become increasingly sedentary during non-labor market hours, time use patters characterized by housework and care-giving represent potentially feasible strategies for achieving physical activity recommendations in the context of a busy life. Other work documents that among low-income populations, time spent cooking has declined markedly in the last 50 years and was largely unaffected by the “Great Recession,” indicating the time available for cooking may not be sufficient to achieve the nutritional goals outlined by the USDA’s Thrifty Food Plan. Smith continues to research the link between cooking, diet intake, and obesity, especially among households who rely on national nutrition assistance programs.

Smith-Taillie also focuses on understanding shifts in diet and related diseases in countries undergoing the nutrition transition, including China.

Primary Research Areas:

  • Population Health

Current Research Projects:

Information updated on 1/10/2018

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