Repast Agent Simulation Toolkit

Repast is the modeling environment in use at the Carolina Population Center. All of our code has been developed to operate within Repast.

Agent Analyst

This is an agent-based modeling extension that links ArcGIS 9 to Repast Py. Model development in Agent Analyst must be done in the Not Quite Python (NQPy) programming language.


Home page for the Java programming language. Java is used in the creation of agent-based models within Repast J. All code provided on this site requires at least Java 1.4.2 to run.


Python is an open-source programming language that can be used to write custom scripts in ArcGIS and is syntactically the basis for Not Quite Python (NQPy).

Not Quite Python (NQPy)

The programming language used with Repast Py and Agent Analyst.

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