Nang Rong Agent-Based Modeling Tools

Simplified versions of specialized tools and code, based on the Nang Rong project's agent-based model.

We are pleased to announce the availability of a suite of specialized tools designed for use in agent-based models (ABMs) that are focused on issues of population dynamics or population-environment interaction.



These tools are based loosely on various components from a larger, more complex agent-based model that was developed for the Nang Rong Project.  The Nang Rong ABM was a six-year development effort that included a detailed replication of the social and environmental aspects of village life in Nang Rong District, Thailand. The tools available here are simplified versions of functions and modules within the larger ABM.  They were developed in the Repast Simphony modeling environment and written in Java. We have packaged them for easy integration into any Repast Simphony-based ABM. In addition, we have included a demo model that integrates most of the tools available here.


Registration is required for download. We will not sell or otherwise distribute your information. We will use this information solely for purposes of tracking use of the tools.

Click here to go to the Downloads page.


The tools and model come with documentation. We are distributing this code as is, as we will not be able to offer support for its use. However, if anyone finds any problems with the code or the model, we would appreciate it if you could let us know by filling out the Bug Report form. Again, we cannot promise to fix any bugs but we will endeavor to report them on this site to inform other users.

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