Biomedical Specimens and Population Research

Many CPC projects incorporate biomedical specimen collection and assays in their research. The expansion of the field of biochemical and molecular assessment of health allows population researchers to use new indicators that can measure exposures to adverse external agents, subclinical health effects or disease status, or innate susceptibility to health effects.

A wide range of population-related research can benefit from integrating biological assessments with social, behavioral, and contextual data to address topics such as:


  • aging
  • burden of disease
  • life course factors in health
  • developmental processes 
  • evaluation of interventions
  • nutritional status
  • perinatal, child, and reproductive health 

CPC research projects have access to staff who can assist the research team in collecting biological specimens to address their research aims.

Services include advice, referral, and updates in new developments in biomedical assessment and interpretation, along with advice about protocols for collection, storage, and management of specimens.


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