Staff contacts for biomarker consultative assistance.

CPC South

Biomedical Services provide CPC fellows with consultative assistance on biomarker logistics and measurement.

Nancy Dole

PhD, CPC's deputy director, Research Services, has extensive experience with research projects that have collected biological specimens along with social and behavioral data, and she has academic training in biological sciences, health administration, and epidemiology. Her work in epidemiology has focused on psychosocial risk factors for preterm birth, on the Pregnancy, Infection, and Nutrition (PIN) Study, which collected biomarkers to assess stress hormones, health behaviors, nutritional factors, placental characteristics, genetic factors, and infection. She was co-PI of the North Carolina Study Center for the National Children's Study, which collected many biomarkers. She is well versed in implementation issues associated with gathering biological and behavioral data, having worked on studies collecting specimens in international and US settings. She can provide assistance on logistics of incorporating biomarkers into population research.

Mary Jane Hill

CPC Freezer Room manager, oversees the maintenance of the Center's specimen repository and works closely with project staff on inventories and procedures involving stored specimens. She also has expertise in ordering supplies needed for collection, shipping, and storage of biomarkers.



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