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What special training is required for staff?Health Department Instructional Image

The collection of biological specimens requires additional planning and consideration when selecting field staff. Venipuncture blood collection requires phlebotomy training, and all other protocols are likely to require special training in handling equipment, collecting, storing and shipping specimens, and ensuring compliance with Universal Precautions for handling potentially infectious materials.

Selected EPA-registered Disinfectants

Handwashing for Life


What are the OSHA and other safety precautions for handling and disposing specimens?

The safety of the field and laboratory staff is critical to any project collecting biological specimens. Certain specimens pose a low risk to study staff (e.g., saliva and blood spots), while collection and handling procedures can pose a significant risk (e.g., venipuncture and blood processing). The UNC Environment, Health, and Safety Office requires anyone handling specimens (including moving boxes of them) to go through blood-borne pathogen training. Training information is available to UNC projects through them.

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