Before Collection

Issues to consider before specimen collection begins.

Biomedical specimen collection in population studies requires consideration of a number of factors.

Study designBlood components

The researcher must first consider study hypotheses and then balance the ideal clinical measurement against practical field conditions when selecting biomarkers for a population-based study.

Lab selection

Laboratory techniques evolve rapidly. Working with a lab willing to collaborate on biomarker use is beneficial to behavioral scientists. For success it is critical for the researcher to share their research goals with the lab and learn some basic lab terminology.

Field logistics

Once a biomarker has been identified, there are many logistical issues to address including developing and testing collection, storage, and transport protocols.

Ethical issues 

Researchers much consider ethical issues about reporting results to the participant, safeguarding the specimens and the results, and the long-term disposition of biomarkers.

Specimen management

Once biomarkers are collected, they become a form of data. Managing and safeguarding those data involves many considerations.


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