Study Design - Cost

The collection of biomarkers in a population study can add a significant cost to the project. It is critical that the researcher consider the following when developing cost estimates:

  • collection materials (collection tubes, swabs, gloves, ice packs, coolers, storage tubes, storage boxes)Office_Supplies_Calculator_10.png
  • hiring staff with specialized skills 
  • staff training (collection protocols, Universal Precautions, ethical and consent issues)
  • transporting specimens (cold chain)
  • laboratory assay
  • biohazard waste disposal
  • long-term storage (freezers, freezer rack systems, backup generators, alarm systems)
  • staff and facilities for follow-up counseling or treatment
  • locating participants for follow-up and/or informing regular caregivers
  • providing treatment regimen to diseased participants

NIH Budget Template

Budget Justification

Budget example

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