SAS Output Delivery System (ODS)

  • Designed to overcome limitations of the traditional SAS output.
  • Can deliver output to four destinations...
    • to traditional monospace output destination
    • to an HTML-formated destination
    • to an output data set destination
    • to printer destination
  • Provides table definitions that define structure of output from procedures and from the DATA step.
  • The table definitions can be customized or you can create your own.
  • Provides a way to choose individual output objects to send to ODS destinations.
  • ODS stores a link to each output object in the Results folder in the Results Window.
  • A simple example for an HTML-formatted file:

        ods html  file= "example.htm" 
         path= "e:\sasclass\output\" (url= none) 
          style= minimal; 
        proc freq data= test1; 
          tables TRACTOR LANDOWNED PLOTS; 
        ods html close;
    NOTE:  All output from any procedure that prints to the output window or lst file that exists between "ods html .... ; "  and "ods html close;"  will be sent to that ODS destination.
    So, it is generally best to surround the procedure's output you would like to redirect with the opening and closing ODS statements.

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