If you will be working with SAS version 8 (and beyond) at UNC you will benefit by familiarizing yourself with the extensive online documentation provided by SAS Institute.  Click here to access SAS's online documentation.  There are PDF versions available on SAS's documentation site for free for SAS 9.1.3 and SAS 8.2.  The PDF versions go into greater detail.  The PDF versions for SAS 9.2 are available on SAS's online bookstore.

Among hard-copy documentation for base SAS some of the reference manuals for version 6 can be extremely useful.  Especially recommended are the following:

  • SAS Language Reference Version 6 First Edition
  • SAS Procedures Guide Version 6 Third Edition
  • SAS Language and Procedures: Usage Version 6 First Edition
  • SAS Language and Procedures: Usage 2 Version 6 First Edition


The two manuals "Usage" and "Usage 2" above contain especially helpful discussions and examples of all the SAS programming concepts presented in this tutorial.

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