SAS System Options

Options Statement

  • Use the OPTIONS statement to change SAS system options.
  • The change(s) will remain in effect for the rest of the job/session or until changed again.
  • The OPTIONS statement can appear at any place in a program, except within a data step or procedure.
    Frequently Used Options...
    • LINESIZE= n and PAGESIZE= n
      • Affect the printer line width and number of lines printed per page for log and output files.
      • In windowing environment, check the print setup for printer maximums.
      • For special printer friendly output, use:

            options linesize= 88 pagesize= 64;  ** portrait **; 
            options linesize= 179 pagesize= 65; ** landscape **;

        and then run the program in batch.

    • PAGENO= n will start the output file at page number n.

            options pageno= 1 linesize= 90 pagesize= 55;

    Some Other Options...
    • NONUMBER removes the page numbers from the output file.
    • NODATE removes the date and time from the output window or lst file.
    • NOCENTER left justifies the output file.
    • SKIP= n will tell SAS to skip n lines before printing on a page.
    • MISSING= 'character' specifies the character for SAS to use for missing numeric values.

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