SAS Work Environment


  • Write programs using an ascii text editor:
    • vi or vim
    • ne
    • pico
    • SAS program editor
  • To invoke SAS in batch, right-click on the SAS file and choose "batch".
    Once the batch job has finished, there will be two new files:
    • One file will have the .log extension (i.e., filename.log).
    • One file will have the .lst extension (i.e., filename.lst).
  • Both files, .log and .lst, are plain text files that have page breaks (denoted with "^L") in them for printing purposes.  These files can be opened in any text editor but do not double-click on them to open them. 

Windowing Environment (a.k.a. Display Manager)

  • Invoke the Windowing Environment:
    • Double-click the SAS icon on your desktop.
  • Write programs using the Program Editor window.
    • Customize the Program Editor window.
    • Open more than one Program Editor window in your SAS session.
  • Submit the entire program or just a part of the program.
  • Notes, warnings and error messages appear in the Log window.
  • Results appear in the Output window.
    • Create standard SAS listing results.
    • Create HTML formatted results and send them to your preferred browser.  MS-Excel and MS-Word can read/open up an html file.  The results will be in a table format.
  • Print from any of the windows.

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