The parmest command

The parmest command follows any Stata command that produces parameter estimates, and saves the results in a Stata dataset, the Results window, and/or the log file. It saves the results as one observation per parameter in a Stata dataset. You can format the results for printing and publication, e.g. rounding estimates to 2 decimal places.

Parmest does not come with the Stata software but is available through the SSC archive. If you are not on the CPC network, you can download the latest parmest package by typing at a Stata command line:

 ssc install parmest

You need to have an active connection to the internet to do this. If you have a copy of parmest but are unsure how recently it was downloaded, install it again using the "replace" option.

Here's an example showing how to save the results of a regress command:

use "t:\statatut\examfac2.dta"
reg age factype authorit urbrur femster
parmest, saving("c:\tables\reg1.dta", replace)
You now have a copy of the results saved in a dataset. To list the results in the Results Window in a format that allows you to copy them to Excel:
use "c:\tables\reg1.dta", clear
list parm estimate t p, noobs clean

        parm     estimate            t           p  
     factype   -3.5400133     -4.16595   .00004732  
    authorit   -.56049792   -1.1524406   .25061116  
      urbrur   -2.2121531   -1.4140991   .15899552  
     femster   -3.2143824   -.98375474   .32650721  
       _cons    51.359101    8.4572685   7.705e-15  

You can now highlight the table of results, right click, copy table, and paste into Excel.

Type help parmest for more information. See Exporting Stata Results to MS Office for another way to put results into a Stata dataset.

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