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Suzuki, Ken; Hatzikotoulas, Konstantinos; Southam, Lorraine; Taylor, Henry J.; Yin, Xianyong; Lorenz, Kim M.; Mandla, Ravi; Huerta-Chagoya, Alicia; Rayner, Nigel W.; & Bocher, Ozvan, et al. (Preprint). Multi-Ancestry Genome-Wide Study in >2.5 Million Individuals Reveals Heterogeneity in Mechanistic Pathways of Type 2 Diabetes and Complications. medRxiv. PMCID: PMC10081410

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Frank, Sarah M.; Jaacks, Lindsay M.; Adair, Linda S.; Avery, Christy L.; Meyer, Katie; Rose, Donald; & Taillie, Lindsey Smith (2024). Adherence to the Planetary Health Diet Index and correlation with nutrients of public health concern: an analysis of NHANES 2003–2018. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Frank, Sarah M.; Jaacks, Lindsay M.; Avery, Christy L.; Adair, Linda S.; Meyer, Katie; Rose, Donald; & Taillie, Lindsey Smith (2024). Dietary Quality and Cardiometabolic Indicators in the USA: A Comparison of the Planetary Health Diet Index, Healthy Eating Index-2015, and Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. PLOS ONE, 19(1), e0296069. PMCID: PMC10781024

Aronoff, Jacob E.; McDade, Thomas W.; Adair, Linda S.; Lee, Nanette R.; Carba, Delia B.; MacIsaac, Julia L.; Dever, Kristy; Atashzay, Parmida; Kobor, Michael S.; & Kuzawa, Christopher W. (2023). Socioeconomic Status Is Negatively Associated with Immunosenescence but Positively Associated with Inflammation among Middle-Aged Women in Cebu, Philippines. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, 115, 101-108.

Erchick, Daniel J.; Subedi, Seema; Verhulst, Andrea; Guillot, Michel; Adair, Linda S.; Barros, Aluísio J. D.; Chasekwa, Bernard; Christian, Parul; da Silva, Bruna Gonçalves C.; & Silveira, Mariângela F., et al. (2023). Quality of Vital Event Data for Infant Mortality Estimation in Prospective, Population-Based Studies: An Analysis of Secondary Data from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Population Health Metrics, 21(1), 10. PMCID: PMC10375772

McDade, Thomas W.; Ryan, Calen P.; Adair, Linda S.; Lee, Nanette R.; Carba, Delia B.; MacIsaac, Julia L.; Dever, Kristy; Atashzay, Parmida; Kobor, Michael S.; & Kuzawa, Christopher W. (2023). Association between Infectious Exposures in Infancy and Epigenetic Age Acceleration in Young Adulthood in Metropolitan Cebu, Philippines. American Journal of Human Biology, 35(11), e23948.

Mertens, Andrew; Benjamin-Chung, Jade; Colford, John M.; Coyle, Jeremy; van der Laan, Mark J.; Hubbard, Alan E.; Rosete, Sonali; Malenica, Ivana; Hejazi, Nima; & Sofrygin, Oleg, et al. (2023). Causes and Consequences of Child Growth Faltering in Low-Resource Settings. Nature, 621(7979), 568-576. PMCID: PMC10511328

Nyati, Lukhanyo H.; Norris, Shane A.; Micklesfield, Lisa K.; Adair, Linda S.; Fall, Caroline H. D.; Lee, Nanette R.; Martorell, Reynaldo; Osmond, Clive; Richter, Linda M.; & Sachdev, Harshpal S., et al. (2023). Growth in Infancy and Childhood and Age at Menarche in Five Low- Or Middle-Income Countries: Consortium of Health Orientated Research in Transitional Societies (Cohorts). Journal of Nutrition, 153(9), 2736-2743. PMCID: PMC10517227

Poveda, Natalia E.; Adair, Linda S.; Martorell, Reynaldo; Patel, Shivani A.; Ramirez-Zea, Manuel; Bhargava, Santosh K.; Bechayda, Sonny A.; Carba, Delia B.; Kroker-Lobos, Maria F.; & Horta, Bernardo L., et al. (2023). Growth Patterns in Childhood and Adolescence and Adult Body Composition: A Pooled Analysis of Birth Cohort Studies from Five Low and Middle-Income Countries (COHORTS Collaboration). BMJ Open, 13(3), e068427. PMCID: PMC10030655