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The 1993 Indonesian Family Life Survey: Overview and Field Report


Frankenberg, Elizabeth; Karoly, Lynn A.; Gertler, Paul J.; Achmad, Sulistinah; Agung, I.G.N.; Hatmadji, Sri Harijati; & Sudharto, Paramita (1995). The 1993 Indonesian Family Life Survey: Overview and Field Report. Santa Monica, Calif.: Demographic Institute.


The 1993 Indonesian Family Life Survey (IFLS) provides data at the individual and family level on fertility, health, education, migration, and employment. Extensive community and facility data accompany the household data. This overview and field report describes the main features of the IFLS Household and Community-Facility Surveys, the sampling plans for the Household and Community-Facility components of the survey are described, along with the response rates, sample composition, and analytical weights. The contents of the questionnaire instruments are also summarized. Finally, this document provides details on the field operations for both components of the IFLS.


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Indonesian Family Life Surveys


Frankenberg, Elizabeth
Karoly, Lynn A.
Gertler, Paul J.
Achmad, Sulistinah
Agung, I.G.N.
Hatmadji, Sri Harijati
Sudharto, Paramita