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Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Men’s Health: Examining Psychosocial Mechanisms


Brown, Tyson H.; Hargrove, Taylor W.; & Griffith, Derek M. (2015). Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Men's Health: Examining Psychosocial Mechanisms. Family and Community Health, 38(4), 307-318. PMCID: PMC4547357


This study uses data from the Health and Retirement Study and an approach informed by the Biopsychosocial Model of Racism as a Stressor to examine the extent to which socioeconomic status, stressors, discrimination, and neighborhood conditions are mechanisms underlying racial/ethnic disparities in functional limitations among men. Results reveal that racial/ethnic differences in socioeconomic status, stressors, discrimination, and neighborhood conditions-individually and collectively-account for a substantial proportion of racial/ethnic disparities in functional limitations. Findings suggest that the social determinants of health for men of color need to be more seriously considered in investigations of and efforts to address health disparities.


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Journal Article

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Family and Community Health


Brown, Tyson H.
Hargrove, Taylor W.
Griffith, Derek M.