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Boerma, J. Ties; Ngalula, Juliana; Isingo, Raphael; Urassa, Mark; Senkoro, Kesheni P.; Gabone, Reveranius; & Mkumbo, E. N. (1997). Levels and Causes of Adult Mortality in Rural Tanzania with Special Reference to HIV/AIDS. Health Transition Review, 7(Suppl. 2), 63-74.


Data from a longitudinal study in northwest Tanzania were used to assess the levels of adult mortality and the leading causes of death. Adult mortality in this rural area was high and 42 per cent of person aged 15 will die before their sixtieth birthday at current mortality rates. Mortality in this population with an HIV prevalence of about six per cent in 1994-95, has increased by about one-third because of HIV/AIDs, and further incrase is likely. Other infectious diseases cause nearly a quarter of deaths and non-communicable diseases are still a relatively minor cause. The occurrence of the AIDS epidemic may have futher delayed the onset of the epidemiological transition in many parts of Africa.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Health Transition Review


Boerma, J. Ties
Ngalula, Juliana
Isingo, Raphael
Urassa, Mark
Senkoro, Kesheni P.
Gabone, Reveranius
Mkumbo, E. N.