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Popkin, Barry M. & Solon, Florentino S. (1976). Income, Time, the Working Mother and Child Nutriture. Journal of Tropical Pediatrics, 22(4), 156-166.


The allocation of time of household members to health and nutrition issues is very important from a policy perspective. Social deprivation is seen as playing a major role in the mental development of the child and the physical activity of the child as stimulated by the mother and other household members may enhance the physical development of the child. Child "care time is important for these reasons and also to feed and care for the child in so many other ways. In this paper and in our ongoing research among Filipino rural households, we find that the time input, especially of low income households, is important in the etiology of malnutrition. Furthermore, it is these low income households with less time for child care who are least able to use the social services normally provided to deal with these problems.


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Journal Article

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Journal of Tropical Pediatrics


Popkin, Barry M.
Solon, Florentino S.


Popkin - 0000-0001-9495-9324