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Darity, William A., Jr. (1999). History, Discrimination and Racial Inequality.. Spriggs, William (Ed.) (pp. 153-166). [New York]: The National Urban League.


The economic state of black America has never been healthier, yet persistent racial gaps leave African American unemployment at levels more typical of recession for whites in the United States. By challenging the predominant use of race, this compilation refocuses attention on the effects of discrimination and on the lost term "institutional racism." In so doing, it helps maintain the defense of affirmative action. These essays reinforce the position that race is not a biological category but a social category, one that becomes a marker for creating or denying access to wealth. The essays are: (1) "The Cancer Gap: Research Needs of African Americans" (Brian D. Smedley); (2) "Family Environment and Intergenerational Well-Being: Some Preliminary Results" (Patrick L. Mason); (3)"The State of Black Europe" (Clarence Lusane); (4) "Color-Blind Redistricting and the Efficacy of Black Representation" (Ronald Walters); (5) "Unfinished Business: African-American Political Economy during the Age of 'Color-Blind' Politics" (Rhonda M. Williams); (6) "History, Discrimination, and Racial Inequality" (William Darity, Jr.); (7) "A Critical Assessment of Skills Explanations of Black-White Employment and Wage Gaps" (William M. Rodgers, III); (8) "The Reliance of African Americans on the Public Sector" (Lynn C. Burbridge); and (9) "Education Accountability: First the School Systems--Then the Students" (Hugh B. Price). Five appendixes contain a history of the National Urban League, a statistical overview of the progress of African Americans, an index of authors and articles, profiles of the authors, and selected tables from "The Shape of the River: Long-term Consequences of Considering Race in College and University Admissions" by William G. Bowen and Derek Bok, 1998. (Contains 67 tables and 1 figure.) (SLD)

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Darity, William A., Jr.