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Bauman, Karl E. & Udry, J. Richard (1973). Evaluation of the Five-Year Family Planning Plan. Health Services Reports, 88(9), 814-817. PMCID: PMC1616140


Interviews were conducted with white and black women in 16 Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas (SMSA) during 1969 and 1970. Ages ranged from 15 to 44 and all the women were below the 150% poverty level. The intent was to estimate the number of unwanted births with the effects of the federal 5-year family planning plan being considered. The results showed 3.8 unwanted births per 100 white women subsequent to adoption of the pill or IUD, and 6.3 unwanted births for black women. If all women below the 150% poverty level had adopted contraceptives or sterilization, 366,456 unwanted births would have been prevented. A possible 24% reduction in unwanted births is attributed to the 5-year plan.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Health Services Reports


Bauman, Karl E.
Udry, J. Richard