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Udry, J. Richard; Keovichit, Srisomang; Burnright, Robert; Cowgill, Donald O.; Morris, Naomi M.; & Yamarat, Charas (1971). Pregnancy Testing as a Fertility Measurement Technique: A Preliminary Report on Field Results. American Journal of Public Health, 61(2), 344-352. PMCID: PMC1530654


This paper describes results from the use of immunological pregnancy tests as a fertility measurement technique together with field surveys. Under the conditions of this study, the pregnancy test is not adequate evidence on which to base estimates of rates of specific kinds of abortions. At this time the techniques used cannot be recommended as a basis for construction of life tables for early fetal losses.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

American Journal of Public Health


Udry, J. Richard
Keovichit, Srisomang
Burnright, Robert
Cowgill, Donald O.
Morris, Naomi M.
Yamarat, Charas