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Huffman, Matt L. & Cohen, Philip N. (2004). Occupational Segregation and the Gender Gap in Workplace Authority: National versus Local Labor Markets. Sociological Forum, 19(1), 121-147.


Previous research linking occupational gender segregation to the workplace authority gap assumes that the effect of gender composition is invariant across occupations, ignoring the important distinction of whether an occupation's relevant labor market is local or national. We offer a new method for defining occupational labor markets and hypothesize that the effect of occupation gender composition on the authority gap will be strongest in national labor market occupations. Both sexes' odds of possessing work authority decline with the representation of women; this effect is strongest in the more desirable, national labor market occupations. Assuming occupations are part of one labor market results in understating the gender composition penalty for national labor market occupations.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Sociological Forum


Huffman, Matt L.
Cohen, Philip N.