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Southern Textiles in Global Context


Carlton, David L. & Coclanis, Peter A. (2005). Southern Textiles in Global Context.. Delfino, Susanna & Gillespie, Michele (Eds.) (pp. 151-174). Columbia, Mo.: University of Missouri Press.


Covering the late colonial age to World War I and beyond, this collection of essays places the economic history of the American South in an international light by establishing useful comparisons with the larger Atlantic and world economy. In an attempt to dispel long-lasting myths about the South, the essays analyze the economic evolution of the South since the slave era. From this perspective, the conception of a backward, wholly agricultural antebellum South occupied only by wealthy planters, poor whites, and contented slaves has finally given way to one of economic and social dynamism as well as regional prosperity.

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Book Section

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New Currents in the History of Southern Economy and Society


Carlton, David L.
Coclanis, Peter A.